Monday, November 30, 2009

Watching, Sitting Dwelling by Ed Levine

I went for a walk/run in the park yesterday; the weather is still quite warm for November, so I wanted to savor every last drop of sun till winter sets in. It was packed, so many people having the same idea. It's especially beautiful this time of year, the orange, yellow, brown color of the leaves exudes a warmth that the air is losing. Last time I was there, I noticed an off the beat entrance that I have never seen anyone use, that's where I wanted to enter. As I slipped into the park unnoticed with my daughter, I felt like an explorer wandering through new territory. The floor of the ground was covered with golden orange leaves that climbed upward to the treetops. We were the only ones on this unexplored path that ascended high above the rest of the park. It felt mystical, and as I went deeper into the park, I came across three unusual sculptures made of wood and aluminum, that pulled me closer. The sculptures invited me in to take a seat to rest for a moment. As I sat on the strange seat that fanned in either direction, I knew why they placed it here; the view was spectacular. It privately overlooked the main park across the stream that glistened as the sun was setting. The rays peeked through the branches, highlighting whatever green leaves were left on the trees. I sat there for a moment just appreciating nature and appreciating the person who so thoughtfully placed these modern sculpture benches for me to take in. As we walked further I found a marker with the artist name, Ed Levine. Thank you Mr. Levine, you made my Sunday ever so delightful. (I promise to take a camera next time.

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